The camshaft is an integral part of any engine. With fuel and air flowing into the engine and exhaust gasses moving out, perfect timing is essential. We have the experience and knowledge to optimize this.


By reprofiling a camshaft from a standard factory issue to a high performance engineered part, we can adjust the air and fuel intake the cylinder. It will also improve gasflow out of the engine, resulting in an overall increase in engine performance.

Proper profiling optimizes valve timing and open the valves wider for longer to allow more fuel and air into the chamber. This results in bigger combustion, which leads to more horsepower.

Why Vanderlinde Developments:

With over 4000 camshaft profiles and over 45 years of experience, it is more than likely that we can improve on the standard factory issued camshaft in your car. Our experience in performance development is further enhanced with our close involvement with racing.

Our workshop has its own engineering section. Vanderlinde Developments technicians are trained and held to the highest standards.  Profiling and repairs are done on-site by specialists.

We also deal in standard camshafts and can repair, straighten, polish or replace them for most vehicles.

Camshaft Products:

  • Billet camshafts for most popular vehicles
  • Vernier pulleys
  • Camshaft break in lube

Camshaft Services

  • Re-profiling for petrol and diesel engines
  • Modifications for Petrol engines
  • Refacing of cam followers (Petrol + diesel)
  • Polishing and straightening
  • Welding and repairing of damaged camshafts
  • Lengthening of valves
  • Cam Doctor analysis

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