We offer a simple solution to improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption. The Vanderlinde Developments Stage One and Stage Two conversions is a package deal where several components that directly influence your car’s performance are optimized or upgraded.

Stage One Conversions:

Custom, stainless steel, free flow exhaust system

The free flow exhaust system improves exhaust gasses flowing from your engine. A standard exhaust does not allow gasses to freely move from the engine. This causes the engine to perform slower while it “waits” for exhaust gasses to clear.

Air cleaner modification

This professional modification allows for cooler and cleaner air to flow into the engine. Cooler air is more compressed than hot air. This effectively means that if air is cooler, then more can flow into the cylinder. This will lead to a bigger combustion resulting in more horsepower.

Chip (Engine Management System) installation (Unichip or RaceChip)

In modern vehicles small computers control the engine operations such as fuel injection and valve timing. Chiptuning allows for an additional chip to be installed that improves on the standard factory issued engine management system.

Dyno Tune

The dyno run brings all the components together and ensure that your vehicle is running at its optimum. We also compare final results to those prior to the conversion. This allows for a few final tweaks and adjustments before your vehicle is ready for collection. 

Stage Two Conversions:

The Stage Two conversion builds on Stage One. We can do a Stage Two conversion as a “from scratch” complete package deal or as an “add-on” to a previous Stage One conversion.

Cylinder head gas flow modification

The standard cylinder head is enhanced through polishing and smoothing out all basic factory residue left on the cylinder head. The gas flow in the cylinder head is further improved and tested to ensure that gasses flow unhindered and at peak levels through the system. 

Camshaft reprofiling/ degreeing

The standard factory camshaft is reprofiled to improve the valve timing, widening the air and fuel intake and optimizing the exhaust. More air and fuel flowing at optimal levels results in higher engine combustion leading to more torque and horsepower at lower throttle levels.

Custom, stainless steel, free flow exhaust system

Air cleaner modification

Chip (Engine Management System) installation (Unichip or Racechip)

Dyno Tune

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