Cylinder Heads

The cylinder head is central to the airflow and combustion in your engine. It forms part of the combustion chamber. It is usually the place where air and fuel flows into the engine and exhaust gasses flow out of the engine. In most cases it is also where fuel injectors, valves and spark plugs are mounted. The optimization or reconditioning of a cylinder head is therefore very important in performance development.


Why Vanderlinde Developments:

We optimize the gas flow, recondition both diesel and petrol heads, pressure test heads and perform several other cylinder head services.

With our own engineering section we complete all related services on site. Our technicians work to the highest standards to ensure that optimised cylinder heads perform at their best. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure professional workmanship that leads to unsurpassed results.

In stage two conversions the standard cylinder head is enhanced through polishing and smoothing out all basic factory residue left on the cylinder head. The gas flow in the cylinder head is further improved and tested to ensure that gasses flow unhindered and at peak levels through the system.


  • Gas flow cylinder heads
  • Recondition cylinder heads (Petrol)
  • Recondition cylinder heads (Diesel)
  • Pressure testing
  • Machining of valve seats
  • Refacing + swirl cutting ¬†of valves
  • Lineboring
  • Skimming of cylinder heads
  • Valve guides
  • K-Liners
  • Valve inserts replacement for unleaded fuel
  • Oversize valve inserts
  • Chemical cleaning of cylinder heads

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